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University offers Education degree, diplomas and certificate programs with specialization in Teaching and Learning to professionals looking for a flexible, widely recognized and self-paced education. ’s Teaching and Learning programs will provide you the necessary skills which will help you grow and excel in your field.

All the programs offered by the School of Education, with specialization in Teaching and learning, surpass those of other world-class universities in terms of ease & flexibility, affordability, and quality of education. ’s Teaching and Learning programs, accredited by International Accreditation Organization (IAO), are taught by expert faculty comprising professionals and leading industry experts. These learned individuals have designed a comprehensive 21st century curriculum that focuses on the challenges professionals like you are currently faced with.

Below are the fee structure and the time required to complete Teaching and Learning programs at :
  • Degree program fees: $4,500 - $14,400 Time: less than 1 year
  • Diploma program fees: $2,700 - $4,500 Time: less than 5 months
  • Certificate program fees: $499 - $1,800 Time: less than 3 months

About Teaching & Learning Major:

This major focuses on the design of educational services for children or adults with learning needs which adversely affect their educational performance. The major prepares students to identify students with specific learning disabilities, develop individual education plans, teach and supervise students with specific learning disabilities. Read more


School of Education engages the services of an experienced and talented faculty comprising scholars, researchers, and professionals dedicated to both teaching and groundbreaking research. They blend academic theory with firsthand experience to enrich your learning experience and to broaden your perspectives on the latest issues and best practices.

The field of teaching and learning is very broad. It offers employment opportunities in a number of fields such as teaching, planning curriculum, evaluating and administration. The salaries of individuals in this field range from $39,722 to $164,800 per year. The field is expected to grow in leaps and bounds in the coming times because of an increased demand of educationists.