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Associate-to-Bachelor’s Degree in Adult Education

Education School offers a Associate-to-Bachelor’s Degree with specialization in Adult Education , which surpasses the similar traditional programs offered by world class universities across the globe in terms of ease & flexibility, affordability, quickness and quality of education.

About School of Education

School of Education offers internationally accredited degree, diploma and certificate programs in 9 different majors. All the programs the School offers are superior to the traditional programs of some leading online universities primarily because of factors as ease and flexibility, affordability, convenience and quality of education. Additionally, all of the education programs are accredited by various internationally recognized accreditation bodies.

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About Adult Education Major

Adult Education major focuses on the principles and techniques of administering programs designed to serve the basic education needs of undereducated adults. Read more


Associate-to-Bachelor’s Degree

Eligibility Courses Credit Hours Duration Program Fee
Associate degree, or equiv. international education 14 84 less than 2 years $8,400

Course Offered

You can choose following courses for your Associate-to-Bachelor’s Degree . Each course offers unique learning experience for you. Each course is prepared by highly qualified faculty from around the globe. Course content is updated so to equip the students with most relevant knowledge in the field.

Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Course Description
ED-051 Basics Of Teaching And Learning 6 Credits View Detail
ED-061 Teaching At Different Levels 6 Credits View Detail
ED-146 Learning And Development 6 Credits View Detail
ED-445 Foundations Of Education 6 Credits View Detail
ED-579 Philosophical Foundations Of Education 6 Credits View Detail
ED-697 Computers In Education 6 Credits View Detail
ED-719 Essentials Of Educational Psychology 6 Credits View Detail
ED-869 Teaching For Special Fields 6 Credits View Detail
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Course Description
AED-015 Introduction To Adult Education 6 Credits View Detail
AED-176 Information Technology For Adult Learning 6 Credits View Detail
AED-524 Methods Of Teaching Adults 6 Credits View Detail
AED-649 Adult Identity Culture And Communication 6 Credits View Detail
AED-799 Issues In Adult Literacy 6 Credits View Detail
AED-872 Social Psychology Of Adult Learning 6 Credits View Detail