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School of Business and Management

School of Business and Management

School of Business and Management is committed to infusing students with a unique business and management perspective that increases their relevance in today's challenging world. The school provides a well-designed and rewarding degree, diploma and certificate program in 17 different majors.


In recent years, the business field has moved beyond the traditional fields of marketing and finance. Today, it includes career prospects in fields like logistics, retail, entrepreneurship and quality management. With growing opportunities, it is not sufficient to only let students know about these fields; rather, these fields be taught and explained in a way that can broaden a student's scope of knowledge and opens to him newer avenues to enter. Given the growing demand of business and management in today's rapidly-changing work environment, School of Business and Management offers a broad and diverse range of courses and programs that help students to deepen their understanding about this highly sought-after field.


School of Business and Management is an excellent choice for students who may perhaps not be able to attend an on-site business school or university. Additionally, all of our degree, diploma and certificate programs are accredited by various internationally recognized accreditation bodies, ensuring global acceptance among employers.


Below are the fee structure and time required to complete the programs in School of Business and Management :

  • Degree program fees: $4,500 - $14,400 Time: less than 1 year
  • Diploma program fees: $2,700 - $4,500 Time: less than 5 months
  • Certificate program fees: $499 - $1,800 Time: less than 3 months


School of Business and Management engages the services of an experienced and talented faculty comprising scholars, researchers, and professionals dedicated to both teaching and groundbreaking research. They blend academic theory with firsthand experience to enrich your learning experience and to broaden your perspectives on the latest issues and best practices.

The School of Business & Management prepares individuals to climb up the corporate ladder or enter the business world. Our diversified range of majors helps you take your business to a higher level. Below are the average salaries you will be able to earn according to the field you choose to specialize in.

Majors Average Annual Salaries
Human Resource Management$29,000 - $100,000
Marketing $29,000 - $100,000
Accounting$33,232 - $61,690
Finance $68,200 - $103,910
Management $42,960 - $119,260
Advertising $45,350 - $108,260
Project Management $83,860 - $115,780
Entrepreneurship $111,000 - $150,000
Quality Management $33,030 - $87,160
Retail Management $30,830 - $51,000
Logistics Management $70,800 - $139,790
Hospitality Management $20,260 - $46,880
International Business $58,250 - $104,200
Product & Brand Management $79,534 - $106,098
Aviation Management $140,811 - $197,240
Real Estate Management $42,680 - $51,480
Construction Management $83,860 - $125,980