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Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor's Degree

The bachelor's degree is the highest goal of undergraduate education. It's the baseline for many students who want to set themselves up for professional success. Among the leading online institutes, Mayfield University is the only online university offering accredited bachelor's degree programs in 71 different majors. Our 10 renowned schools offer bachelor's degree programs in all the in-demand fields whereas our 6 exclusive schools offer bachelor's degree programs in fields which no other online university offers. Our bachelor's degree programs, designed to sharpen your professional skills, are the first choice of working adults across the globe for their ease & flexibility, affordability, pace and quality of education. Since the program is completely self-paced, you can finish it either in 4 years or in six months, depending upon your convenience and availability of time.

Choose a bachelor's degree program from such diverse fields as business, criminal justice, nursing and technology, among others. You have the option of selecting from two types of Bachelor Degree programs, which are:



Associate-to-Bachelor's Degree Program

Associate-to-Bachelor’s degree program is for all those students who have completed their associate degree and want to enroll in the bachelor’s degree program. To read more about this program’s eligibility criteria, fees, application process and other details, please click here


Bachelor's Degree

Eligibility Fields Majors Courses Credit Hours Program Fees Duration
High school diploma, GED or equiv. international education 16 17 13 78


less than a year


Reasons to Choose our Bachelor's Degree Program