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Doctorate Degree (Applied)

Doctorate Degree (Applied)

Mayfield University is an internationally accredited online University offering PhD Degree program in 66 different majors. Mayfield is the only accredited online university offering PhD Degree program in so many diversified fields. Our 8 renowned schools offer PhD Degree programs in all the in-demand fields whereas our 4 exclusive schools offer PhD Degree programs in fields which no other online university offers.

Mayfield University prepares students to become a leader in business and scientific intelligence through a completion of an applied dissertation project. Successfully completing an applied doctorate degree from Mayfield University will allow the student to make an immediate, practical contribution in any organization.

The curriculum at Mayfield University incorporates areas of specialization that are relevant to a student’s topic of interest. The student can effectively explore global perspectives of business leadership, including an opportunity to participate in international or local field experience. Online classroom discussions, specially designed networking sites, and face-to-face weekend residencies provide ongoing opportunities to build professional relationships and share knowledge with other business leaders around the country.


Our PhD Degree programs are the first choice of working adults across the globe for its ease & flexibility, affordability, and quality of education.

Doctorate Degree (Applied)

Eligibility Fields Majors Courses Credit Hours Program Fees Duration
High school diploma, GED or equiv. international education 16 17 13 78


less than a year


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