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Undergraduate Certificate

Undergraduate Certificate

In these competitive times, having a certificate means that you’re serious about your professional field of interest. If you want greater opportunities and recognition, or to simply keep up with changes in your field, an undergraduate course certificate program from Mayfield University can help. We offer undergraduate course certificates in 16 schools of study and 71 majors, allowing you to specialize in your career.  Our 10 renowned schools offer undergraduate certificate programs in all the in-demand fields whereas our 6 exclusive schools offer undergraduate certificate programs in fields which no other online university offers.

Our undergraduate certificate programs are the first choice of working adults across the globe for its ease & flexibility, affordability, and quality of education. Discover what one of our certificate programs can do for you by speaking with an enrollment advisor today at...


Undergraduate Certificate

Eligibility Fields Majors Courses Credit Hours Program Fees Duration
High school diploma, GED or equiv. international education 16 17 13 78


less than a year


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